Parents and Students

Read some comments from our ACTA students and parents.


“Thank you so much.. we loved the show! It was a fantastic mix of musicals and the talent is amazing. Addie loved it. I hope you get a break now after all that work! Addie’s learnt a great deal from ACTA. Thanks so much again for everything. “

Wendy Petrie (ACTA Parent)

“First I would like to thank you and the whole staff at ACTA for the programme. Alice’s confidence has improved significantly. The show was fantastic! It was her first and she was amazing. We’ve seen her perform dance many times but never thought she would act and sing, as she never had confidence in doing so, but you gave her this though, so a huge  thank you. You’re doing an amazing job!”

Luz Cawley (ACTA Parent)

“I would like to thank you for all the effort that you put into ACTA. I attribute a great deal of Georgia’s success and drive to the skills  she learns at ACTA. I feel your standards are very high and the kids have to really apply themselves to reach them and that’s a good thing and it will do her well in her chosen career in the future. Once again thanks so much for your drive and passion.”

Murray Bell (ACTA Parent)

“I just wanted to share with you how appreciative I am of what you do with the ACTA kids.  Your attention to detail, be it props, lighting etc..  to every child’s performance is amazing.  I have seen my  Ethan, who, could barely open his mouth, to him performing as “Chip”.  His confidence is soaring.  He now has the bug! So thank you so much for what you do.  You bring out the best in our kids.”

 Aaron D’Souza (ACTA Parent)

“I really want to thank you so much for the continuing transformation in David, from when he first started at ACTA! I so enjoyed watching the show, and you do wonders with the kids. And you so excel in bringing out the very best in the students; it’s really so very special to see their progress, from show to show! Thank you so much; I so appreciate it. It means heaps!”

Jan Davies (ACTA Parent)

“Thank you for all the work you put into the show. It was fabulous and Aurora thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it.”

Amanda Ashley (ACTA Parent)

“I just wanted to say congratulations on an amazing show!  There were so many fantastic acts, and such a variety of them too.  The level of talent in the show was incredible and we were all very impressed. Thank you for this amazing opportunity you give to our children. Emma absolutely loved every minute of this experience!

Kerry Herbert (ACTA Parent)

“I just wanted to say how impressed and proud I was of the kids on Friday and the wonderful performance they gave. All the hard work from yourselves and the kids produced a performance so top notch it was just brilliant. To see how Jacob has come on and his confidence growing since he has been with ACTA is great , so thank you and we look forward to next semester and what more is to come.”

 Angie Lambert (ACTA Parent)

“Ever since I was little I knew the performing arts was something I wanted to do, and ACTA has given me the chance to. ACTA has helped me all the way and every show I do is always so much fun. They have given me outstanding advice to help me along the way and I have grown since the first day I started at ACTA. This performing arts school is so unique and I fit right in.”

Geena Hutton (ACTA Student)

“What can I say? ACTA has been the best thing I have ever joined. From it, I have gained so much knowledge, skills and performance experience, I’ve grown so much in confidence which I’ve noticed on and offstage, and I’ve made some amazing friends and had the chance to be around some truly inspirational people. I love how it challenges you at just the right level and the variety of material you get to try. I’m constantly looking forward to it – it’s always the highlight of the week, because it’s just so much fun!”

Nicky Ingram (ACTA Student)

“Stretching, growing, unleashing hidden potential, pushing the boundaries of self, always striving for more, raising the bar are the words that arise when I think of ACTA. I truly value your ability to bring out the best in your students. You continually push them to greater heights than they would do on their own. You are always raising the bar just enough for them to have to extend themselves and yet ensuring it is also achievable. You strive for perfection in a creative world and it is highly evident in the end result.”

Sharon Lee  (ACTA Parent)

“ACTA is not for the faint-hearted but if your child is a dedicated singer/dancer/actor in the making, they will love the opportunities available at ACTA.  To be inspired by talented seniors, to learn many great songs, dances or acting pieces and to have the opportunity to perform regularly.  But mostly, to achieve to the best of their potential because of a culture of excellence!”

Megan Rose (ACTA Parent)

“Hi, I’m so glad I came across your website. Melissa was only 5 or 6yrs old when she started at ACTA, she was one of your first students, and you said she would end up doing very well over here in Brisbane as she got older. We’ve been here for over 8 yrs now and she has won practically every big talent quest, had lead roles such as Annie, Little Cosette in Les Miserables, Mary Lennox in Secret Garden, performed all these roles in various theatre companies throughout Brisbane, plus appeared in 6 television series and commercials. She is now 16 yrs old, but it was your theatre academy that gave her the best start, and out of all the Academy’s in Brisbane your one by comparison is the best by far!!!!!! NO doubt about it, we were quite disappointed, we started with the best, but found nothing that was as good as what you provided.”

Kelly Stewart (ACTA Parent)

“Congratulations to you and everyone involved in last night’s event…it was, in a word, SPECTACULAR! Everyone there was so impressed with the quality of the performances and the professionalism of the show. I know that months and months of blood, sweat and tears (probably literally) will have gone into the end result we saw last night. Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to all involved.”

Moyra Jobson (ACTA Parent)

“Thank you for the privilege of seeing your wonderful kids perform at the weekend. I saw all 3 shows & could have gone again it was that good!”

Neil Strom (ACTA Parent)