ACTA Performance Troupe

The students chosen to be in the ACTA Performance Troupe (APT) are the public face of ACTA who have been selected to act as a representative of all the ACTA students.

  • The APT uses a fast paced, professional rehearsal structure with an emphasis on performance, not the mastering of skills and techniques which would be taught slowly in the ACTA classes. The repertoire is popular musical theatre numbers.

  • APT members can extend their artistic experience and skills by having the opportunity to perform alongside adult students, ACTA graduates and industry professionals.

  • There are three catagories that students can be considered in for the APT, which allows for students who may have a particular strength in only one area of musical theatre.

    1. Song & Dance

    2. Solo Singers

    3. Dance Only

  • The APT rehearse weekly on a Monday from 7pm – 8.30pm

  • The fees are $250 per term (for the weekly hour and a half rehearsal).

  • You are not eligible to be an APT member unless you are enrolled as a current student at ACTA, or you are an ACTA Graduate.

  • Auditions are held twice a year at the start of Term 1 and Term 3 for the APT.