Class Information (8 – 18 years)



ACTA classes are grouped by age and ability so every student works at their optimal level with their peers. Instruction is given at a weekly class which covers all three art forms – drama, singing and dance. Each term students build on their technique, performing and stagecraft techniques, and prepare performance repertoire for in class demonstrations.

The class timetable runs parallel with the public school terms, with no classes during the school holidays. There are two levels of class structure at ACTA.

It is the policy of ACTA to have no more than approx 15-20 students enrolled in our classes. This ensures we do not compromise our tuition commitments to our students.

LEVEL 1 (Foundation) Level 1 classes are for a total of one hour per week – 20mins of drama, singing and dance. This class is a preparatory level for students who are new to musical theatre or need to build more confidence. Students build a foundation of skills in drama, singing and dance. This level is about building confidence and developing an understanding of techniques required to establish and sustain a performance.

LEVEL 2 (Senior) Level 2 classes are for a total of three hours per week – 55 mins of drama, singing and dance with two five minute breaks. These classes are taught predominantly by ACTA’s Artistic Director, Janine Donnell, who is an industry expert and specialist in Musical Theatre, together with professional guest tutors, including ACTA’s Principal, Doreen Donnell, a highly respected and well known, award winning singing tutor. The class is a more extended level for students who show considerable ability and confidence when performing, and/or may have had previous training in performing arts. The curriculum is more advanced and covers more extensive techniques and repertoire than the Level 1 classes. Students learn material with contrasting styles which requires more depth of thought in preparation and presentation. Students secure an accurate ability to utilise a wide range of integrated performance skills in a performance which shows a sense of ownership.

LEVEL 3 (Advanced – Performance Troupe) Level 3 is by invitation only. The students chosen for the ACTA Performance Troupe (APT) are the public face of ACTA who have been selected to act as representatives for all the ACTA students. The APT uses a fast paced, professional rehearsal structure with an emphasis on performance, not the mastering of skills and techniques which would be taught slowly in the ACTA classes. The repertoire is popular musical theatre numbers. APT members can extend their artistic experience and skills by having the opportunity to perform alongside adult students, ACTA graduates and industry professionals. For more information click here.