Audition Workshop

All new students wishing to attend ACTA need to fill in an online application to attend an audition workshop.

Students are introduced to the tutors taking the workshop. A brief run down is given of the workshop content and then students and parents have an opportunity to ask questions before the students begin.
Parents/Guardians are permitted to stay and watch if they wish to do so.

All students are then coached and assessed in drama, singing and dance to determine their confidence and ability levels in all departments. In many cases, the students are unaware when they are being evaluated.

Following participation in the workshop, a class place will be offered in an appropriate level for the students confidence and abilities. Applicants can then enrol to start classes. If there are no places available, applicants will be put on a waiting list until the next placement is available.

 What if I have missed the Audition Workshop?

If places are still available, new students can audition at the start of each new term. If no class places are available then new students will be placed on a waiting list for when a new place becomes available. To register, submit an online application and you will then be contacted by email to confirm the next available date you are able to attend.